About Lindy

Lindy's is a Healing Channel Bringing & Anchoring "The Paranormal Into The Normal, The Extraordinary Into The Ordinary"

Qualified Healer Lindy Cowling RMANM (Dip Hyp) is also a Professionally Qualified Registered Medium Clairvoyant (Arthur Findlay College Psychic Science Trained) Intuitive Psychic Empath working in Timelining (Past Lives Future Lives) Multidimensionality and is a University Accredited Hypnotherapist (17 yrs experience) with 7 years experience of Twin Flame Union.

Global Interviews and Guest Appearances include BBC Radio 1 Europe's Red Ice Creations James Gilliland USA (Eceti Ranch) Jeff Brown USA (Soulshaping) Tom Lescher/Kaypacha (Astrologer Costa Rica ) & Spirit Guide Network. A regular on USA's Kristina Walsh's Soundcloud Surfing The Psychic Waves ( million+ subscribers) LINDY'S PASSION IS THE GLOBAL ANCHORING & EMBODIMENT OF DIVINE TRUTH, HEART AWAKENING FREQUENCIES OF DIVINE LOVE, EXPANSION, & THE TEMPLATING OF 'THE NEW' 5D+ 'RELATIONSHIP' PARADIGMS

Lindy is a Global Inspirational Speaker running a wide variety of empowering and illuminating Seminars Workshops and Events

She also Teaches / Guides and has an Adult Teaching Qualification.

She is an Author - Click image right to purchase Lindy's Book direct from Amazon

She can also be seen out on Platform doing Mediumship Demonstrations.

She has a YouTube Channel.

She is currently based in the UK.


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