What Is Hypnosis?

The Hypnotic state is safe and natural, like day dreaming or driving the car on ‘automatic pilot'. The client has an element of control and awareness of what is taking place, but feels pleasantly relaxed both physically and mentally.

During this relaxed state, the subconscious mind is more accessible and receptive, allowing hypnotherapy (positive suggestions) to take effect.

Therapeutic hypnosis allows the client to relax yet become deeply focused and is a proven tool in helping the client to utilise their own mind to assist with a huge range of problems in everyday life such as Weight Loss Phobias Addictions Anxiety Smoking Confidence and many more not listed here.

Lindy personally practices using a mixture of standard hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) / mind exercises.

Hypnosis Sessions Cost £60 for 60 mins




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