Rose Gladden

My grandmother was the internationally acclaimed Rose Gladden, healer, medium/clairvoyant.

Rose Gladden started healing when she was 19. Born in Edmonton London in 1919, she entered a dry-cleaning shop in the city, to find the owner slumped over the counter. Obviously in pain he told her he had an ulcer. 

Rose had no idea what to do. She heard a voice say “Put your hand there,” then she saw a tiny light, like a star, appear over his left shoulder and float down on to the right side of his stomach. She placed her hand on the light and then felt another unseen hand cover her own. An amazing heat developed under her hand and she felt she could not pull it away. After a few minutes, the man told her the pain had gone!

Rose had been having paranormal experiences since she was about seven years old. It now seemed that her abilities would be used mainly for healing. Seeking advice and guidance from other psychics she steadily developed her gift until she became one of the most respected genuine and successful healers in Britain. 

As she progressed, she travelled to both sides of the Atlantic. Well known in America and Canada, she lectured to top Medical Specialists as well as to members of the public. She took part in tests and research undertaken by Professors at several American Universities including Stamford and UCLA.

Between 1976-1978 tests on Rose's abilities were mainly carried out in the UK by Professor John Taylor and Dr Eduardo Balanovsky of Kings College University.

Maxwell Cade was a Psychologist who has carried out pioneering work in Meditation, Relaxation and Altered States of Consciousness. He also approached Rose in 1977. He reported finding distinctive brainwave patterns in Healers. His research demonstrated that Healers had a measurable effect on their patients, who after a few minutes picked up and imitated the same brainwave patterns. This, to Rose, confirmed the importance of being tuned in to her patients. 

Rose was able to see the aura, which she could ‘read' for ill health. She could also see silver spots and lines all over the surface of the body, which she later realised were acupuncture points and meridians. She seemed to have the ability to see where the real problems lay, and give healing appropriately. She followed this up with helpful advice and suggestions to her patients.

In 1985 Psychic News named her spiritualist of the year! By this time she had been on Television and Radio and given lectures all over the world. Sadly it was at this point, that her own health deteriorated, so that she had to give up the healing.

In her time, Rose Gladden was known by the Scientists that tested her as one of the most “Outstanding Healers in the World.” Through the numerous success stories of her Healings and Mediumship, her list of friends and supporters both in America and the UK was extensive.

From treating the likes of Brain Tumours, and Cancers through to conditions such as Arthritis and Slipped Discs her success rate was amazing!

She set up The Rose Gladden Healing Centre, a Charitable Organisation that relied partly on donations, and worked in cooperation with the Medical Establishment. (She was also planning another Healing Centre in Denver).

Unlike many Healers, Rose was unique in that she was able to channel healing energy to one patient whilst giving a Clairvoyant Reading to another simultaneously! She was also known for her cockney sense of humour which she often brought to her treatment rooms along with numerous cups of tea!

Confident of her own genuine abilities, Rose allowed Scientists from the UK and America to subject her to a barrage of tests over the years, all of which produced outstanding results.

Less known was that she specialised in helping and training others with psychic awareness, to understand and develop their gifts too.

An unusual part of her work was dealing with cases of Spirit Possession, which she believed was very real, and often mistaken in people as a case of mental illness. She would use a form of Exorcism to clear the unwanted Spirit.

Likewise she used her Psychic gifts to detect the sources of Poltergeist disturbances and set about clearing and healing the cause.

Rose could clearly ‘see' the Aura around her patients, and the energy points (Meridians) across the body surface. She was able to distinguish between the various energy bodies around the physical self as well. She believed that blockages and imbalances in the Aura were linked to physical symptoms in her Patients.

In the course of her Healing, her clairvoyant abilities were used to ‘pick up' traumas from the Patient's childhood that had manifested and caused the physical illness as an adult.

Rose was also able to hold an item of Jewellery belonging to the Patient and ‘charge it up' with healing energy before giving it back to them to take home.

At the height of her fame she appeared on Television both in the Uk and in America, and in numerous Books, Publications and Newspaper Articles. At that time she was spending six months a year doing Healing and Talks in the UK, and the remaining time in the U.S doing Lectures, and Healing demonstrations.


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