Your insights were so astute and you are able to perceive with such depth and insight. It was truly remarkable to listen to you and uncover a knowingness that I already held within. 
I think your ability to put into words the language of the soul is such a tremendous skill. I'm sure you're already aware of that but your words have continued to resonate with me throughout the day, with new layers unravelling. 
Having worked in the traditional caring professions for a long time, and training in many healing modalities over the years, I can spot a diamond when I see one. You really truly are a rarity with such a unique combination of polarities......A mystic with practical sense. A fierce lionheart with a gentle touch. A deeply compassionate person with a great sense of humour and ability to call a spade a spade when required!  S. UK.


Lindy is forthright and fun-loving and her deliverance is gentle and positive. When we finished our session, (reading) I was lighter, freer, and happier and had tons more focus and playfulness. I look forward to our next session and I highly recommend Lindy as a source of healing, insight, and guidance. Christiane Madona U.S.A


"Lindy is such a gifted extraordinary and loving individual, her channellings and healing and the angelic beings she seems to attract in her work are beautiful." Julie. UK. "I have had several past life regressions with Lindy which have been absolutely incredible!" "Not only is she a skilled Therapist, she's very caring and has a great sense of humour!" Dottie. UK


"This girl is the genuine article!" "What you see is what you get!" "Awesome!" (Hypnosis) Michael. UK


“Lindy combines most marvelously powerful psychic and healing abilities with a truly loving and open heart. It is wonderful to work with her.” Brian. KOSOVO


"Thank you again for such a powerful healing session. When i left i found I stopped taking painkillers for my tonsilitis so then I stopped taking the antibiotics and the next day when I woke up it was rapidly cleared up and the next day totally gone!!!" "Im not surprised at all! thank you soooo much" Amy M. UK


"You gave me healing and I felt so much better obviously at the time. As the days wore on I felt better and better and all my symptoms had completely gone by the Friday (I saw you on the Monday) and they have not returned! I feel so so much better I wanted to thank you very very much indeed." Rosie. UK


(Twin Flame Union). What a beautiful honour to experience your energy and listen to your story, a story one can only appreciate if they have been through it themselves. You actually brought a tear to my eye, as my essence recognised yours. I am of the opinion that these relationships will work out because so much work has gone into getting them to this point. They also matter greatly. But you are also correct in that we must keep moving forward, a leap of faith as they say and be about our work in continuing to uplift humanity where ever and whenever that is possible. Our pain is not wasted in the end for it deepens our capacity for compassion. May we all continue to work together for the greater good. Thank you for the work you have done and are doing. Much love and appreciation. Paul. UK


(Twin Flame Union).Thank you from the depths of my soul for this video, (((Lindy))). Your videos make me feel like I was sitting right in front of you. You are simply YOU, open and genuine USA(Twin Flame Union).

Lindy this is a very well done video a must listen video for all true twins on the path Luv your passion and sincerity. Cheers Mel & Nicole Goldraytwinflames CANADA


A genuine angel incarnate a genuine spirit a genuine healer a genuine Twin Flame. Lindy Cowling is the real deal she is truth she IS love. Kurt. UK

Lindy I knew you were the perfect person to guide me on this.
So I'm so very grateful for your knowledge and your guidance. I don't think I could have gotten that from anyone else on this topic. Since I have an extremely analytical mind I'm sure I'll have 1,000 questions in my mind which will result in me having another session with you in the future! :) I just wanted to let you know that I totally enjoyed connecting with you and I'm sure I will do that again sometime. Bex. USA.

Sometimes even if we know what is happening to us we need someone who has gone through very similar experiences to talk about and today session has been truly amazing. I have met with a wonderful and very caring Soul, we have discussed of many themes having a real heart and soul sharing. Lindy has been extremely generous with her time and I have just found confirmation of something I already knew, that I am ME in my own and unique path. The waiting has been so worth!!! I just want to thank Lindy for her time and her sharing and for making me feel for sometime the energy of home. From all my heart. Ana. Belgium.


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